1. Sneffels, 14, 157ft


  2. On our last night in Denver I was walking the alleys and found this frame, beat up and dirty, in a trashcan. I’m a bit of an upcycler… and someone who thinks she is crafty (though it doesn’t always work out) so I dug it out of the trash and lugged it home.

    The next day we moved up to Evergreen and the dirty, cobweb covered, old frame came with us. I wasn’t sure yet what I would use it for, but despite the muck covering it, the wood was good and so was the glass.

    Through the winter the coat hanger by our front door proved to be less than adequate. I would often come home to find our coats on the floor with the hanger (which seemed more for decoration than use).

    Thus my idea for the frame was born.

    I forgot to take a picture of the frame before I cleaned it up, but imagine a Stephen King novel and you will get the idea.

    A good washing, a few hours scrapping, some sticker removal… and you get the first picture here.

    I almost left the frame wood, but with the black and white picture I selected I thought it would be fun to make the frame white.

    Covering the newly cleaned glass with newspaper I painted everything an even coat of white.

    Let it dry

    and removed the newspaper.

    The hardest part of this project was editing the photo so it would fit in the frame when printed.

    The picture is a slice out of the middle of an aspen picture I took while snowshoeing. If I printed the picture the actual size of the frame (4 ft 8 inches) it would have cost over $150. Instead I tiled the photo, making it 4 18 x 22 shots, which made the price $50.

    When the photos arrived I arranged them in the frame, stapled them into place and laid a plastic vinyl over the back as protection.

    Then I drilled the holes for the knobs and screwed them in.

    Last thing left was to place it on the wall.

    Since the frame was so big it actually didn’t fit in our entry. Which is fine with me. A small entry looks cluttered with too many coats. We opted instead to place it in our long hallway just to the right of the entry. This hall was empty and now it looks full. Two birds killed with one stone.

    All together the project cost:

    Frame = Free

    Paint = $7 (I used 2 cans of spray paint… despite the white wall paint that happened to be out when I took the photo)

    Photo = $50 (my own shot so no need to pay rights for it) printing cost

    Knobs and hangers = $10

    Total = $67


  3. So proud of my parents, fluxtone speakers and Denver amp works at Red Rocks!


  4. They said “choose your own adventure.”
    I said “Okay.”


  5. Best summer home in the world nemoequipment!


  6. Sunshine Peak: 14,001ft


  7. Hanging backstage at Red Rocks with this amazing band: Elephant Revival


  8. Redcloud Peak 14,035 ft


  9. Handies Peak, 14,058 ft


  10. Preview of my amazing week… 14ers, streams, wilderness and my favorite town…. One day we will move hereĀ